Tuesday, June 09, 2015

What Sucks…Quick Hits: God, Meryl Streep, Paul Simon, People Who Make Diapers That Look Like Jeans

Thanks for all the ear hair!  We’re created in Your own image?  Who are you, character actor Paul Dooley?!
…Meryl Streep
Overrated!  What’s the big deal? She’s 3 for 18 when it comes to Oscars, she’s hit .167!  She’s Ike Davis of the Academy Awards! 
 ...Paul Simon
Dude, you can stop with the baseball cap, we’ve known you’re bald for the last 30 years!
…People Who Make Diapers That Look Like Jeans
Stop! I don't want my kid thinking its okay to shit in jeans! 
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