Monday, April 06, 2015

What Sucks…Taking Selfies In Front of Building Explosions

What’s worse?  Taking selfies in front of the recent NYC building collapse or…

 …taking a selfie in front of a recent NYC building collapse using a “selfie stick”?  Probably the “selfie stick”, right?  Or is it the one without the “selfie stick”?  I can’t decide.  Oh wait, how’s this- they’re BOTH terrible.

Ah yes, I feel much better. 

Let’s be grateful young people were too busy worrying about avoiding disease- or that taking a selfie was much more complicated back in the day, or we’d have definitely seen some of this shit in the past…

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

What Sucks…Indiana!

Despite the backlash to Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” I am afraid to report that the Genie is in fact out of the bottle and that if you are gay and want to have Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana- link here, whoops, I mean Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana- linkhere, cater your wedding, you are in fact shit out of luck.

Once again, to repeat- and if you’re gay or close to someone who is gay you might want to sit down for this: I know you crave, “pizza-place, slice-pizza” and, I don’t know, “garlic knots”, “meatball subs” and maybe something like “baked ziti” for your wedding, because G-d knows the vast majority of you are NOT incredible event planners, well, it gives me great pain to say, you simply will NOT be able to order from this place, your wedding. 

I mean, what the hell are we fighting for then?  Tweet @GovPenceIN and tell him you want gay people to be able to order shitty pizza for their wedding- this will not stand! 

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