Monday, July 07, 2014

What Sucks…The TSA’s Instagram!

 If you get a second and want to be disturbed to the point where you can’t sleep, head on over to the TSA’s Instagram feed- and relax, because it’s not pictures of you being patted down or going through a body scanner- yet.

But don’t relax because it is a bunch of pictures of the many weapons homemade and purchased, that people have been stopped with while they were getting on a plane. 

You got homemade grenades, guns, Chinese throwing stars and even a spear gun- and this is just the stuff they’ve caught! 

A goddamned mace! 
Don’t worry though, the airlines say they’re cracking down and have assured us anyone bringing a Spear Gun on a plane will be charged a $25 dollar carry-on fee.  

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