Thursday, June 05, 2014

What Sucks…The NSA! (Vol. 1)

The NSA, you know the people apparently reading your emails, listening in on your phone calls and examining your texts- they’re sick of you texting that girl “U up?” by the way, are looking into acquiring software that can detect sarcasm in real time on social media. 

I guess they got tired of kicking in doors of teenage girls who felt if Caitlin Jacobs and Jaret Evans went to prom, they’d quote “SERIOUSLY kill someone, I literally, can not even.”

The software will be designed to analyze data pertaining to “geographic segmentation, sentiment and trend.”  Which is just great

Thanks, NSA.  You guys are really doing some great work
And if you commission a sarcasm detector, you also may want it to be compatible with something other than “Internet Explorer 8.  Unless you’re looking for intel on what browsers people use to download Google Chrome. 

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