Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Sucks…Eric Cantor: So Long, Douchebag Edition

Eric Cantor, (more like Eric CANTor- you all can use that!) one of the country’s leading douches, and the very douche to tweet the above thanking BOSSES for their contribution on Labor Day, was voted out of office this week, for ironically, at least on the surface, failing to be a big enough douche.  I say this because he was defeated by someone named Dave Brat, who apparently out-flanked Cantor on the right.  I guess Cantor’s “fuck immigriants” stance could in fact by trumped by Brat’s “no, seriously, REALLY fuck immigrants.” 

Brat for what it’s worth is a college economics professor, with a deep love for all things Ayn Rand.  I’ll give him a tiny bit of latitude on the Rand thing- normally a harbinger of assholishness for any adult- because, let’s be honest, it’s not until after you leave college that you realize Ayn Rand is garbage. 

Any way you slice it, Eric Cantor was defeated.  Is it a teachable moment?  Sure.  The lesson? Don’t be such a douche, OR be as big a douche as you possibly can, because some other douche is always waiting in the wings to out-douche you.

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