Wednesday, November 06, 2013

What Sucks…Shortness In New York City!

People are wondering what this election means.  Has the city embraced a more liberal agenda?  Has income inequality become the issue of the year?  People, open your eyes! 

For 12 years the city has been governed by a borderline-dwarf! Look at him!  On one level, it's embarrassing!  Sure this guy fixed potholes, but it was because he was a afraid if he fell into one, he'd be lost forever!  The guy championed micro-apartments- places to live with 250 square feet- or to him, a spacious APARTMENT! 

Now, the first chance we get, 73 percent of us overwhelmingly vote for a dude who’s 6 foot 5!  This election was a referendum on height!

Congrats Mayor elect Bill de Blasio, but if Manute Bol ran (G-d rest his soul), I’d be congratulating him right now!

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