Friday, August 16, 2013

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Prince Harry, Kanye, Miley & Ke$ha, Adam Sandler

…Prince Harry

Joked that he Prince William and Kate know how expensive his babysitting fee is- ha, yeah, well, it’s not so much the babysitting fee as much as it’s the posting bond and tattoo removal!


Jay-Z gives him some parenting advice, saying to “set an example” for his kid and “stay clam in public”. Finally, a black dude not listening to Jay Z!

…Ke$ha & Miley Cyrus Hanging Out In Miami Last Week!

Not pictured, “ respectability”.

…Adam Sandler

Attacked by a cheetah in Africa but was left unharmed after he promised to give the cheetah his money back for "Jack and Jill"!
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