Friday, August 09, 2013

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Geraldo Rivera, Nene Leakes, Brad & Angelina, Katy Perry!


Nasty.  For the record. he's is blaming tequila.  For tequila’s part, it released this statement…
“We are whole-heartedly sorry for all of this, all of us, even the worm.” 
…Nene Leakes

Now in an ugly dispute with a woman who claims she was hired to plan her wedding though Nene says she’s never worked with her.  Ladies, ladies please- in 6 to 8 months Nene will get married again, no need to fight, everyone will get a chance.

…Brad & Angelina

Son Maddox recently had iPad stolen while he was paintballing. Brad and Angelina are asking the thief to please come forward so they can, everyone say it with me…adopt him! 

…Katy Perry
Releasing a new fragrance next month but be careful, smelling like her could result in this showing up at your door. 

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