Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Sucks…Young Hip Hop?

What the hell ever happened to Kris Kross?  Another BadCreation? Cute.  Maybe annoying.  You see these new kids?  Bring back cute and annoying! 

Above is the  adorable and terrifying 9 year old ‘Lil Poopy.  He raps about being a "coke boy", he's smacking womens asses with money,  bagging groupies, riding in ferraris with no seat belt! You ask this kid to eat broccoli and he will cut you! 

He’s opening eyes in hip hop, and child services!

And then there’s the 13 year old protégé of Chief Keef: ‘Lil Mouse...

This dude raps about guns and violence and Chicago street life- and here he is threatening to have a 3rd grader at his school killed for snitching.  When ‘Lil Bow Wow and ‘Lil Romeo were 13, they were rapping about girls- Lil Mouse is rapping, “30 clips and them hollow tips make him do the running man..." 
It’s like congrats on your record deal AND on killing Omar! 
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