Friday, July 12, 2013

What Sucks…Women At Hip Hop Shows!

Ladies, and I use that term loosely, what is going on here? 

Dateline: NYC, Juicy J brings a girl up on stage, makes out with her, show slows to a crawl.

 Sacramento: Girl joins Machine Gun Kelly on stage, not only flashes boobs, but MGK stops the show to “sample” them

Minneapolis.  Danny Brown show.  A woman walks up to him, as he is performing, and straight up blows him! Takes his thing right out of his pants, and goes to work. Danny Brown! The guy looks like Charles Ramsey for Christ sakes!

You all need to chill.  Yeah, you can totally be so into the show that you can come up to the stage and put his dong in your mouth...

…or you can applaud. 


Say “whoo!” 

What the hell happened to lighting lighters?

You should be clapping, not passing on the clap!

These guys need these mics to rap, not to transmit cold sores!

I mean, these are shows Two-Live Crew would see and be like, you guys need to chill. 

There are other ways to show your appreciation to your favorite rappers.  Like maybe, pay for the songs you download from them? 

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