Monday, July 29, 2013

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Obama Prom Picture, Paris Hilton Cash Money Records, Beyonce, Chief Keef

…Old Obama Prom Picture! 
I bet her dad STILL gave her shit about going out with a black guy! 

…Paris Hilton Signing With Cash Money Records!
Great- looking forward to her raps about Prada Shoes, Burberry umbrellas and Gucci bags that her parents give her! 

Beyonce is auctioning off a job where you could work for her, for 25K!  In a related story, Michelle Williams just went to a bank to try and borrow 25 grand!

…Chief Keef
Dropped from a“non-violence” concert, for fear of violence!  This dude was upset, he cancelled a drive-by to be there!

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