Monday, June 17, 2013

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Podiatrists, Battleship, Florida, The Eye Chart!

Who goes all the way to medical school just to study feet?! 

…Battleship Out On DVD
Spoiler Alert! B:9, C:8 & E4!

A man in Florida was arrested for strangling his grandmom's puppy and then eating it?! Ah, Florida.  The Punchline State. 

…The Eye Chart!
Doctors of the world please change the eye chart! It's been memorized & repeated back to you by memory! The truth must get out- NO ONE CAN SEE! 
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kevin smith said...

You are only inviting future problems by not getting proper care. Regarding a previous answer, a orthopedist/orthotist is not a physician, and any good one would simply refer you to a doctor for initial care anyway.

FriendlyFootCare said...

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