Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Sucks…Fat Joe Going To Jail

Add Fat Joe to the ever-growing list of Hip Hop stars who get in trouble with the IRS and go to jail. We’re at the point right now where this is happening so much, certain questions have to be asked, like, why, and, can Fat Joe fit into a cell? 

Granted, he made mistakes.  He trusted the wrong people, also, I believe he tried to claim Apple-Bees as a dependent, but still, we are seeing this way too much in the Hip Hop community. 

And yes, Fat Joe did not do himself any favors.  His lawyers worked very hard to try and get him a deal, but he insisted on holding out hope that the judge would sentence him to Waffle-House arrest. 
Fat Joe, my advice to you- first day in jail, kick someone’s ass, then have your cholesterol checked.  We’re worried about you. 

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