Friday, January 18, 2013

What Sucks…Us (We Suck)

On one terrible day in 1980, a woman in Australia lost her 9 week-old baby when it was, horrifically taken and then subsequently killed by a dingo, (a wild dog.) Despite her pleas, she served more than 3 years in prison for the murder of her child and only when a piece of her daughter’s clothes were found in a dingo lair was she eventually, after a long legal battle, exonerated.

On top of that, in her horror of losing her child, she very reasonably said “the dingo’s got my baby”, but was famously misquoted to have said “a dingo ate my baby”. Which, even if it was an accurate quote, was a reasonable thing to say seeing the abject horror of what just transpired.

So, how’d we react? Oh, we only mocked this poor woman for years and years, turning “a dingo ate my baby” into everything from a punch line on a major television series, to a line horrifically insensitive tee shirts.

We’re terrible people. A dingo ate this woman’s baby. What the hell is wrong with us?
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