Monday, January 28, 2013

What Sucks Presents…Diarrhea Horoscopes!

Here are your diarrhea horoscopes for the week of January 28th, 2013….

Scorpio. Be open to new experiences like travel, study and even diarrhea.

Taurus. With Mars in retrograde, old physical issues reappear, deal w/ them on their own & not while you have diarrhea.

Cancer. Rely on family during this trying time, you need their support to recover from diarrhea.

Sagittarius. You may feel over-burdened of late, do what you can to avoid diarrhea.

Aries.  Diarrhea trines the moon in your 4th house, sadly the toilet in that house is not currently working so avoid long trips.

Capricorn. Don’t be over burdened with concern for other’s diarrhea. 
Worry about your own.

Pieces. Diarrhea will be on your mind a lot today, and unfortunately, on your leg.

Aquarius.  For you, diarrhea will not be a concern.  Uncontrollable mucous discharge will be.

Libra. While others are starting their diarrhea journey, you are finishing up yours.  Your life is forever changed and your marriage is over.  Spend the day doing laundry.

Taurus.  You knew diarrhea was going to be a big part of your life, now you are finding out exactly how big.  Consider getting your affairs in order.

Leo. Diarrhea is immanent.  The sooner you realize that the better you will be.  Your ridiculous plan to wear an adult diaper will not work.

Virgo. You could very well have had diarrhea for months and not know it.  Stick with what works, focus on poetry, the Lord will provide, she always does.

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