Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Sucks Salutes …Women With Bad Taste In Men

…Dottie Sandusky (AKA Mrs. Jerry Sandusky)

Ooof. Pretty shitty husband picker. I bet deep down, she’s wishing she went with whoever her second choice was. Ironically, I think the same can be said for Jerry, although his second choice was an 11 year-old boy.

…Huma Abedin

When dipshit/ jag-off Michelle Bachmann accused Humma Abedin of being a pawn of the Muslim Brotherhood™ people from all over sprang to her defense and decried Bachmann for being a "major douche" (emphasis mine). However if Bachmann started slowly with her discrediting of the (completely vetted by the US Government) high level Hillary Clinton aide, with something that was undeniable, like let’s say she perhaps was not screened thoroughly enough by the “good husband picker society” Bachmann would have had a case.

…Everyone Who Was Ever On "Teen Mom"

Enough said.

…Hyon Song-wol (Kim Jong-Un’s Girlfriend)

Not so much that she has bad taste in men, as it may be the State Sponsored Kim Jong-Un Girlfriend Search Committee does. Sure, her family will now be able to eat and perhaps have a TV, but at what cost?!
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