Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Sucks…Kim Kardashian & Madonna

What the hell is wrong with Kim Kardashian and Madonna? Here a perfectly respectable rag of a magazine is doing a story on celebrity demands…Angelina wants a helicopter- of course she should have one. She has important work to do! She’s Angelina Jolie for Christsakes! Britney wants a latte, GIVE HER THE LATTE! And then it comes down to this…

Kim Kardashian refuses to flush her own toilet and Madonna needs a DNA clean up crew to follow her around!

D friggin gusting. By the way there are some horrible jobs in Hollywood but the poor person who has to flush Kim K’s bad stuff and the people on Madonna Jizz-Patrol, well those have to be the worst. Outside some trailer, worrying that one doesn’t have to drop a number two and that the Los Angeles Clippers' aim is good, is no way for a person to live.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

We. Are. Back. (Again.)

What better day than the day after @Sn00ki gives birth to announce the battle against suck is back online.

Oh yeah, 2ish years in the making, it’s What Sucks Blog 2.0 baby, we’re, and by “we’re” I mean, I’m back. Gonna try and get this thing up and running on a somewhat regular basis now as we make the turn into the stretch drive of the Presidential election.

Hey have you checked out the year in review for 2011, posted live on the blog about 2 weeks ago? How’s that for updating? So, I know I am going to be just speaking into the ether for the next few weeks, not sure how many folks still have me on their “google readers” or if “google readers” even still exist but nonetheless, the war against suck is a marathon and not a sprint.

What to look for this time around? Oh if you suck, chances are you’re gonna get called out (I’m talking to you, “lice”, and YOU, “pubic lice”) but also look for some redressing of past suck subjects, over the years I have gleamed more wisdom into stuff that blows, and well, half of writing is re-writing, so there you go.

Also, notice the new look of the page- is it too crowded still? Why am I still using blogger? Why not move to a tumlbr? All good questions, so the look will be evolving from the current digital hoarding look, to hopefully something more mainstream. I did add a video page so check that out. I’m gonna try and have a bunch off clips of stuff I am working on, or have worked on there and I promise to do my best to not appear shirtless in any of it.

All right so let’s get this party started…quickly. WhatSucksBlog is no longer just a twitter feed! But follow me nonetheless.
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