Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Sucks…The Reaper

In the ongoing battle against all that sucks, in which the outcome by the way, hangs the very soul of our planet- the good guys took a major blow last night with the passing of Steve Jobs.

Jobs run as CEO of Apple is well documented and will be discussed thoroughly over the next few days by our shitty, shitty corporate-owned media. The many amazing items he created or spearheaded the creation of- the Mac, iMac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. will be discussed at length. His legacy, however, of creativity and challenge- to both the people who designed for him and purchased his products- is what should be remembered most.

Jobs incorporated imagination into his products, and never seemed to take a cynical view of the people he was designing for. Try finding that now. He also faced adversity- being fired from the company he helped found, before being brought back to save it with the very creativity that lead to its birth. In between he found time to found Pixar and gave us Toy Story, Finding Nemo and the company that would release Wall E, The Incredibles, Up and many more amazingly thoughtful and challenging films.

He pushed the boundaries innovation and design and because of him, it is actually possible to think that people will respond to intelligence and imagination in a business model. People around the world today are using their Macs to edit, design, organize and tell their stories. They develop games and apps for their phones that make life simpler, more interesting and easier. In a world where our leaders so completely fail to work for the people who have sent them to lead, Jobs’ products have allowed many to lead themselves.

The term “visionary” has been used to describe Steve Jobs, and where that term may be misused often, for Jobs it seems to fit as the products he designed, inspired others and allowed others to create as well.

Steve Jobs was an extraordinary innovator who changed the world making it better for the future while honoring the best of our past and its incumbent on all of us, to be little cooler today, tomorrow and the next day to pick up the slack for his loss.

Steve Jobs, RIP.
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