Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What Sucks Salutes Giant Balls…Dick Cheney

Just finished Cheney’s new memoir “In My Time” and SPOILER ALERT, he’s Luke’s father.

Seriously though, you have to admire the sheer girth of the balls on this guy. The dude takes shots at Colin Powell saying he tried to undermine President Bush in the build up to the Iraq War and also calls Condolezza Rice naïve for her dealings with North Korea. Dude- you were the worst VP in history- you were so bad that America was literally okay with JOE BIDEN replacing you! That is unprecedented! Also, you shot a guy in the face and didn’t notify police for two days! You’re lucky the name of your book is not “In My Time, In Jail!”

Do I have to say that Amazon lists people who bought this book also enjoyed Animal-snuff porn? Because I don’t want to use that construct to make a joke.

And sales-wise, I am being told that after an initial splash, the book is being moved to an “undisclosed location”, which in the publishing world is a nice way of saying “a discount rack”.
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