Friday, September 30, 2011

What Sucks…I Don’t Know How She Does It

What? Continue to look like a cartoon horse?!

Get female romantic leads in 2011?

Eat an entire carrot while being brushed in a barn?!!

Join the fun in the comment section and remember, as always- don’t be racist! (There is no reason anyone needs to be racist, we’re making SJP jokes!)

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Ben Z. said...

Eats an apple through a chain link fence?

Anonymous said...

Woah there, making fun of a woman for her looks, the only factor determining a womans worth, right? Very cute and original of you.

Anonymous said...

ah fuck you, anonymous. just because you're a fat toad.

but i'll admit making fun of ugly ppl for being ugly is like making fun of deaf ppl for not hearing you.... it's fun!