Monday, September 05, 2011

What Sucks…Blog Note/ Site News

Holy crapola, it’s been talked about for months- the internet has been waiting with bated breath- when will WHAT SUCKS be back? And what the hell happened? Did suckage win? Were we, the 34 people who kind of come here every now and then, abandoned and forced to go it alone against all that sucks?

Well, what happened, as we all know, was that the economy went into the shitter because of Wall Street & the banks public sector unions, and I needed to get a job, bad. Just had a kid, selling my body wasn’t an option, so, long story short, I needed to stop as much of the writing jokes that wasn’t making money as possible, and get onto bringing home the bacon, or as my wife puts it, bringing home the turkey bacon. I’m not allowed real bacon anymore. Cholesterol. I digress. Mind you, I’m still broke, but come on, I had to get this thing up at some point.

So, as you can see I will be kind of slowly rolling out what I am trying to get the new “blog” or “site” to look like in beta form- hopefully the thang will be up in all its glory in a week or two, once I try and figure out what the hell I am doing. In lieu of the blog, I hope you enjoyed the Twitter feed, please follow me there at @WhatSucksBlog. They’ll be some funny stuff there as I know how to work it from my phone and do NOT know how to work the blog from my phone.

The “new” or “re-born” What Sucks will be a place to post some videos, links, etc as well as chronicle the battle against the suck. Also, as you know, I’m kind of open to posting videos you may have made- just leave a comment or send me a note at

All right, so, let the slow roll-out begin!
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Anonymous said...

Wooohoo, welcome back!! Twitter is so last year anyway.