Monday, January 03, 2011

What Sucks…Quick Hits: NYC Airports, Spiderman The Musical, Brett Favre, Sn00ki

…NYC Airports

Not only has this blizzard kept people in NYC airports for so long they’ve actually formed relationships with the TSA Agents who molested them, but those relationships are now beginning to lose their spark!

…Spiderman The Musical

I don’t want to say this thing is dangerous but the other night I watched that Spike show “1000 Ways To Die”, 234 of them had to do with this show.

…Brett Farve

After a rough year I understand he’s once again flirting with retirement- how do I know? Because he recently sent "retirement" a picture of his junk!


Being lowered in a ball on New Years Eve? What a difference a year24 hour period makes, this time a yearlast night when ago balls were being lowered on her!
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