Friday, January 07, 2011

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Lohan Drinking At Rehab, Jersey Shore, The Jets, Our Government

…Lindsay Lohan Drinking AT Rehab!

I don’t want to say this chick is a drunk, but her favorite poem is "beer before liquor never sicker"!

…French Toast

Is cake! Who are we kidding- you’re having cake for breakfast!

…The Jets

Way to keep New York City headline writers away from their families during the holidays! Both the Post and NYDN are rising to the challenge, but can they keep up? What if the Jets win the Super Bowl and get to go see the President? Will we see Rex Ryan shaking Obama’s hand with the headline “Pleased To FEET Ya!”?

…Our Government

Nice. Old woman with frozen face and dead eyes, gives novelty gavel to guy with glassy eyes and orange skin. I feel better already.
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andieclark said...

Lindsay Lohan has now regain herself after her long days at the drug rehab in New York. Good things she still has projects, all she has to do is to prove that she's still worth it.