Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Sucks...Journey’s “Separate Ways” Video: A What Sucks Classic!

A few questions, (25) come to mind while watching this thing.

Why the section where the band “air plays” their instruments?
Who in the band knew someone who owned a warehouse down by the wharf?
Why was the only girl they could find in the video a borderline Vicki Lawrence look-a-like?
Why put her in a white pleather jacket?
Why the sleeveless tee-shirt?
Why the extreme Steve Perry close-ups on “I wish you love” at the 2:19 mark?
How long was the dolly track the cameraman used on some of these shots? 30 yards? 40?
Why is there a section in the video where everyone is playing their real instruments, clearly not plugged in, except the drummer who plays a series of metal drums?
Why the keyboard on the wall?
Why do other band members pretend to sing the lead, when it is clearly Steve Perry’s voice?
What is with the “claw-like” hand motion dance the guy in the tweed jacket does right around the 55 second mark?
Why the creative decision to have all 5 band members back to back, standing on a pile of wood? They are all touching. This is around the 1:18 mark.
What’s with the “white guy fro” on the guy in the denim jacket?
Why is this girl just aimlessly walking around a wharf?
Who is the girl at the end of the video, in the bed, clearly it is not the girl in the white jacket, aimlessly walking around the wharf?
Why is this wharf empty except for the rock band Journey, and an early 80’s chick?
Was Steve Perry’s shirt sleeveless to distract from the fact that it has a purple checkerboard pattern on it?
Is it the bassist, or the keyboardist who looks the most like he’s in “Reno 911”?
Doesn’t Randy Jackson always say he was in this band? Where the fuck is he?
What’s up with the van driving by at the 1:37 mark?
Does the drummer have a shirt on that really says “foosball”?
Do you think he was really in the band or just a guy they found on the wharf?
Why is the girl in the white pleather jacket entering a warehouse, anyway (at 1:54)?
Who’s idea was it to chase Steve Perry through the wood platforms?
How is the girl at the end able to sleep if she is listening to the song that we are listening to, and if she’s not listening to that song, why is she wearing head phones to bed?

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Anonymous said...

I never understood the air instruments myself. I thought the entire look of the girl in the white jacket was pretty bad. Her hair and makeup was bad (even by 80s standards), and the bulky white jacket over a bulky skirt just made her look 15 pounds heavier than she probably actually was.

Vinny Fallon said...

and why does Steve Perry shave his awesome moustache (oh sorry, that was the "Faithfully" video)