Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Sucks…Blog Note

Dear esteemed reader(s)!

After not posting last week, WhatSucksBlog will pretty much be in repeats this week, so that next week, I might bring you the much anticipated What Sucks…2010! You know that thing that usually takes my lazy-ass well into the next year to write about the previous year as to who and what sucked?

Anyway, it’s usually about 7000 words and so far I’ve written about 14 of ‘em, so time to get to work on it. Bonus was, this year where I usually take December off, I didn’t because I took so much time off most of the year. What Sucks? Me and my ability to post everyday! I will probably throw something up here sometime this week because, Jesus, the suck certainly doesn’t take a break.

So for today, and to recap last week suck-wise, let’s just say, ah…

What Sucks…Sarah Palin

…they weren’t “surveyor's symbols”. That argument is incredibly weak and Sarah Palin’s 2nd act of “handling” the horrific Tucson shooting where she released a Facebook video dropping the phrase Blood Libel, only adds bona fides to her assholishness. Seriously, could you handle this thing worse? Why not go all the way, take down the “takebackthe20” and put it back as “takebackthe19”?!

Also, let me just say that like most of America, I believe the guy who shot all those people in Tucson was and is mentally deranged. Look at his haircut. I mean through the years. He was not told by Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin to do what he did. He acted alone following the orders of the demented voices in his head.

Separately from that however, Sarah Palin did put Gabrielle Giffords’ district in “crosshairs”. Gabrielle Giffords was made to feel uncomfortable by it to the point where she spoke out about the imagery and language and now, 8 months later, she was shot in the head. So, yeah while we all seriously know Palin did not call for the shooting of this congresswoman or any others, ah, nice work on this whole thing nonetheless.

All right, so see you here and there this week, I’m still trying to get a full time gig somewhere so I while I want to throw down some killer posts in the way of the soon to be lost art of blogging (seems I’m gonna have to get a podcast pretty soon to try and remain relevant) I do have to balance that with the quest to feed my little boy something other than discount bologna.

I’ll also be experimenting with changing up the format you’ve all grown so fond of over the years because lets face it, blogger is looking more and more TRS-80 everyday. Also, in 2011- What Sucks Video! That I can promise because I’ve already cut and edited two of ‘em so, we’ll see who the big shot is!

In the meantime- please use the comment section to tell me if Tumblr is worth my time and I should get the F off this blogger thing for once and all.

All right, kicking off the repeats, what don’t we throw up (and literally throw-up) the granddaddy of What Sucks posts…What Sucks…Being a Fluffer!
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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

A lot of people (Democrats, Republicans, and None of the Above) are concerned that Muslims urging the kind of violent retaliation Palin wished on her political opponents would have been jailed before they had the opportunity to target incumbent Congress people with gun sights. In the name of equal justice, there is a petition at - which calls for the Dept of Justice to indict Palin for incitement to violence.