Monday, December 13, 2010

What Sucks…TLC (The Learning Channel)

BLOG NOTE: I know this happened last week but I do need to post it now, because, let’s face it, seldom has something been so rife with suck.

Sarah Palin AND Kate Gosselin appearing on the same show? What I am I learning here, how to hate my TV screen? What audience is this aimed at, secret-cutters looking for new ways to hurt themselves? I heard this episode got a 40 share among Opus Dei sect members bored with flogging!

What was this episode called, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska, The Rest Of The World’s Worst Nightmare”? Jesus, I heard when Kate and Sarah showed up at the same campsite, 3 moose approached Palin ASKING to be shot.

This was weird- 10 minutes after Palin appears on screen, Kate’s kids said they were ready to give their Jon a 2nd chance- 5 minutes after that Piper, Track, Willow and Figg ask if they can get in on the action! I’m not even sure Figg is the name of one of her kids, but admit it, for a few seconds there, you thought to yourself- “hey, maybe I missed one…?”

Ah yes, readers, come, join the fun- some douchenut somewhere thought that it might be a good idea not only to give Sarah Palin a show, but to have Kate Gosselin appear on that same show. This is cable that YOU pay for by the way! The comment section is open, and as usual, don’t be racist!

I heard if ratings for this episode are good, TLC has plans to come to your house and punch you in the balls!

3 separate times the closed caption guy said “if only you were blind too!”
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Mike Marsh said...

Kathy Griffin should sue. "Life on the D List" is her show.

Anonymous said...

The Learning Channel used to actually be educational. Now, it's just about women who treat their wombs like clown cars.

deluca said...

well said!

Anonymous said...

people i think your just gellus of sucsesful people on tv cause you dont have there talent and money hard work they make tlc rocks its got great fun learning shows sarah plain rocks! i really miss her show and shes done good john and kate are cool to bad there marriage broken up but there kids is real cute.

Anonymous said...

The last comment left is proof positive of the illiterate cretins who watch TLC. Oh, and by the way, it's so typical of you Sarah Palin supporters! How do you right-wing nuts exist without any gray matter in your noggin? I know, you're night dwelling zombies from the living dead ! They're coming to get you Barbara!

Anonymous said...

Um no ones jealous..the channel sucks, simple as that..everytime i flip past it i see babies and someone getting i dont know where u pulled the jealous thing out of, im assuming it was your crusty ass hole

Anonymous said...

Also, you type like a 6 year old. Duhh diii doo durrrrr. I wanna beat the fuckin brains out of people like you. Dumbfucks like u make me want to fuckin flip cuz i dont get how u can be so braindead! AAAAAHHHHHH

dave nelson said...

TLC should change to TLDC -The learning Disabled Channel

NOTHING sucks like their shit for Murican Morons!

dave nelson said...

nuff said