Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Sucks…The Reaper

And then there were four.

The reaper who like Vader hunting down the remaining Jedis, is taking his sweet-ass time to getting to the cast members of Barney Miller, has another trophy for his sick mantle. The deadpan and droll Steve Landesberg, a gifted comic who most recently was in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” but who will always be remembered for being Lt. Dietrich on Barney Miller a show whom most cops will tell you was the most realistic cop show ever made (sorry Cop Rock).

So what started with Soo, has now brought us to Dietrich. Glass, Gail and Linden- you carry the fire. Vigoda, may you live forever.

Steve Landesberg, RIP.
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Invisible Woman said...

abe vigoda should write a book on outrunning the reaper. he looks like he should've been caught 30 years ago.

MMayes said...

Caught 30 years ago? I think I saw some show on TLC, History Channel, VH1 or something like that where Abe was cut and there was no blood, just formaldehyde coming out.