Friday, December 31, 2010

What Sucks…The Jets: Perv Watch Vol. 34

Okay, so earlier in the year the a few members of the Jets cat-called a super hot Mexican reporter and made her feel so uncomfortable she filed a report about it. At the time, with one of their own feeling threatened, the media responded in force and by that I mean basically called her a slut for wearing what she wore in front of football players which basically amounted to really tight jeans. Whatever, it passed I suppose.

Then, revelations popped up that a future Hall of Fame quarterback, guy who has played 20 years in the league, 15 of them glory-filled with Green Bay, the last few with the Vikings pretty much without sexual incident, plays ONE year with the Jets and finds himself texting pictures of his junk (while wearing crocs) to some female sideline reporter- again, who’s hot- to the tune of a 50K fine from the NFL.

Coincidence? Maybe.




The team’s Head Coach, the head coach of the New York Jets, or HC of the NYJ if you’re Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan apparently is a foot-fetish video with his wife.

Warning:NSFA (Not Safe For Anything)

Lookit, where there's smoke, there's fire. Where there are foot-fetish vids, there are pervs. The Jets: huge pervs.

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Anonymous said...

LOL...Rex Ryan's wife does have nice looking feet.