Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Sucks…Rock & Roll Auctions

I’ve never been comfortable with idea of collecting Rock & Roll memorabilia- I mean, come on- what are we, trying to turn our homes into a Hard Rock Cafés? You do that and the next thing you know, you’re saying “Hey, there’s Pete Townsend’ nutsack, wait a minute- how much did I pay for this burger? This thing sucks!” I’ve seen it happen.

But after reading about this auction last week in Beverly Hills, and some of the prices people paid, I have to say, holy shit- are we losing our minds? I thought we were in a recession.

Apparently, someone paid 330K for a single Michael Jackson glove- honestly, the lengths to which fans of boy DNA Michael Jackson will go to have something that once belonged to him are amazing. 330K!!! The Fredrick Krueger glove has better karma than that thing and you’re gonna put it in your house? To do what, scare away the ghosts of a Ed Gein?!

Other items that went up for sale were a jump suit worn by Johnny Cash- 50K. 50K!!! Are people losing their minds? Jump suits, first off should not be worn by men, period. But paying 50K for one?

A jacket worn by John Lennon went for 270K. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” jacket went for 96K and an MTV Award for We Are The World went for 72K!

Let’s think about that for a minute- if you’re THAT big a fan of We Are The World, you know, maybe some of the SEVENTY TWO GRAND you’re gonna pay for a Moon Man, you know could maybe be donated to fight world hunger?!

And who’s buying this shit? Most chose to remain anonymous- I can totally understand why no one wants to be associated with the phrase “…25K for the Bay City Roller’s Roller Skate, going once, going twice- sold to the person clearly not effected by the recession!”
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