Friday, December 17, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Wikileaks, The TSA, Airlines, Larry King


Too scary? Too revealing? Or, with this latest release- "Ahmadinejad hangs to the left- both meanings!" Both?!


Getting out of hand- last week not only did they demand everyone submit for a pat down, but for couples going away on their honeymoon they demanded the rite of Prima Nocta!


As we are now adding “being felt up” to our already nightmarish travel experiences, turns out the airlines made a cool 900 Mil last year on baggage fees. You may have to pass through a humiliating pat down to get on a plane folks, but I don’t think there are any metal detectors outside the office of airline CEO’s hint, hint. (Blog disclaimer, I am not suggesting you go to a Airline CEO's office with a gun, everyone. A knife is a much better weapon in many circumstances!)

…Larry King

Congrats on your retirement, here’s to you- enjoy the golden year. That's right A-MORE-ica, I went there.
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