Friday, December 10, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Mediocre Joke Clear-Out Edition: Busting Willie Nelson, Grey’s Anatomy, Elizabeth Edwards, Bob Dylan

…Busting Willie Nelson for Pot

Seriously? We’re still bugging Willie Nelson for pot? Yeah, I hear pot is a gateway drug for Ensure! (Sorry left this joke out of my Willie Nelson post from earlier in the week.)

…Grey’s Anatomy

Will apparently do a musical episode! Hey Grey’s Anatomy, don’t go trying to improve on your realism now! (Sorry, I don’t usually like to post jokes from my Entertainment Weekly ‘Hit List’ submission packet, but this one was too good to pass up- also, it doesn't matter cause one of the cast members fucks a bassist in the band playing the music off camera totally breaking the 4th wall!)

…Elizabeth Edwards

Rest In Peace and take comfort in knowing that in the end you were home with those you loved most AND John Edwards.

…Bob Dylan

Opening an art show in Denmark that feautres 40 original paintings…I wonder if he’ll be showing his “Mmh-nah-dihn ah” from his very prolific “Hown- Nih- Di FLIN” period. Only kidding, you probably only sing in a way that is un-understandable! PS, has obtained a picture of his latest self-portrait, check it out here!

Toldja they was mediocre!
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