Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: The Blizzard, Plastic Knives, Egg Nog, Mick Hucknall

…The Blizzard

Hey snow, besides paralyzing the largest city in the world for what is going on 3 days now, you somehow managed to cover a subway platforms which are inside and underground. We get it, you can crush us at a moment’s notice.

…Plastic Knives

Thanks for being the opposite of a Ginsu, I had trouble getting through a banana the other day.


Nice beverage! Gotta love a drink where there's a neck and neck race between getting hammered and becoming pre-diabetic!

…Mick Hucknall

Says he slept with 1000 women (that’s 3 a day!) from 1985 and 1987! Simply Red? More like his junk is (say it with me, America) simply red as a dog’s penis!Look at this guy- are you kidding me? This is one of those metric system things, where the real number turns is 3, right? I heard the number would be even higher if he was allowed to include guys!
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Anonymous said...

I am not particularly surprised about Mick Hucknall sleeping with 1000 women. Obviously, he only got so much action due to his being in a band which had gained some popularity at the time. Some of the ugliest men have been able to get laid with alarming frequency solely based on the fact they were in a popular band. Think Gene Simmons of KISS, Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead, and any member of the Rolling Stones.

Invisible Woman said...

i kinda don't think he looked like that in 1985.

kershaw ken onion said...

I know how you feel about plastic knives. I broken my share trying to cut through, of all things, cheddar cheese and butter fresh from the fridge.