Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Sucks…Politicians Listing The Amount Of Pages In A Bill

I don’t know, maybe file this under pet-peeves, but any politician who lists the amount of pages in a bill- something normally done when they are shitting on the bill in question…should go fuck themselves.

“Obama released his health care bill, all 955 pages of it…”

Really? The bill where congress begins the process of making it illegal for health insurance companies to kick you off their rolls if you should get sick, the bill where they make it illegal for companies to deny you coverage due to an existing condition- the bill that makes it possible for a shitload more people to get coverage so they DON’T have to go to an emergency room for treatment where treatment costs the MOST- really, they weren’t about the get all that on one page?

The new omnibus bill is 1900 pages long? They couldn’t fit it on one page? The fucking budget? Wow, shocker. Hey, I have an idea- why don't you fucking read it, you assholes!
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MMayes said...

I thought one member of the House of Representatives said this summer that they needed to pass the bills to find out what was in them. I agree with you. I think it would be a great idea to read them before they vote on them.