Thursday, December 09, 2010

What Sucks…Funny Web Videos: The New Face of TSA

Last week, I told you all to check out a Tru-TV’s Dumb as Blog video that I thought was funny. Did you? Maybe, maybe not. Did your life change? I don’t know. This week, guess what- I’m telling you to check out another one. These dudes are on fire. Seriously, they are forming the 2nd best comedy-writing/ video producing team out there- sorry Dumb as Blog guys, no one is close to the people who make the commercials for Geico- those fuckers are simultaneously running the gecko/ Geico CEO at insurance conference commercials AND the Mike McGlone rhetorical question series featuring Randy Johnson throwing snowballs and an entirely different one with the guy from Full Metal Jacket as a shrink- this is after doing the “Who’s Watching Me” campaign with the eyes AND the fucking Caveman thing that ended up as a TV show. I’m not even mentioning the ones where they had Peter Frampton tell the story of a normal person’s experience with Geico- holy shit, these guys are the new Show of Show writers! How can those fuckers still be saving me money when they pour so many resources into their commercials! Why are the fucking around with commercials- they should be making film!

I digress, watch this video.
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