Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Sucks…Politicians Who Say Things Like “You want the GOVERNMENT Dealing With Health Care?”

Pet peeve of mine here, whether or not you’re for health care reform, or government writing laws that would help prevent credit cards from screwing you as bad as they have been, or gov taking a bigger role in stuff in general is one thing. But can we put a moratorium on politicians rolling their eyes with disdain and saying things along the line of “do you want GOVERNMENT getting involved in ____________?”

They say it with such contempt and as if YOU are stupid if you would expect a government that you pay taxes to getting involved in something in any way to make things easier on you. And they say it as if they are fine with the implied knowledge that apparently no one can argue, that government is such a fuck-up, it getting involved in something is a disaster waiting to happen and keeping government out of whatever mess they’re talking about is a no brainer.

And it’s one thing to hear a statement like that from your uncle or neighbor, but a politician saying it- and another thing they love to say is “Government is the problem!”- (McCain says it a lot) doesn’t it just make you wanna say- hey asshole- you ARE the government! You’re saying then YOU ARE the problem! Here’s an idea- why don’t you just do your fucking job?!

When a boss asked me to print out a proposal I was supposed to put together for him, I didn’t say- “Oh, you don’t want ME doing that…” He’d have said, “yeah I do, ass- that’s why I’m paying you.”

Another thing- politicians when they say this like to quote Ronald Reagan who said that “…government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem…” And again, whether you dig Reagan or not is not the point, Reagan said this ABOUT the assholes in government- when a politician repeats it, he/ she is insulting themselves! If you’re the fucking problem, asshole, then why are you asking me to A) vote for you, B) listen to anything you say.

In closing, let me just say this- F you politicians who say, “Government is the problem.” Fix the fucking problem then.

(By the way, November 16th is "write a non-funny blog post" day.)
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