Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Family Circus Movie, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, The Town, Employees Must Wash Hands Signs

…A Family Circus Movie

Yesterday it was announced that plans for a A Family Circus Movie are underway in Hollywood. A Family Circus Movie? Who’s gonna see that? Say it with me America….NOT-ME!

…Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Look, no question a great, great show and Peter Sagal is as talented as Carl Kassel is venerable but I saw a live taping the other night at Carnegie Hall and holy crap I couldn’t have felt more Caucasian if I was wearing Klan robes on a yacht while serving as a studio picked EP for a show like “Martin” or “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? On this night it was practice…wearing a tweed sports coat!

…The Town

Thank god this movie came out because I just could not wait any longer for someone to simplify “Heat”! SPOILER ALERT: Veteran character actor Pete Postlethwaite gets shot in the dick! I know its shitty of me to give that away, but what chance in the future will I ever have to type that sentence!

…Employees Must Wash Hands Signs

What do you say we raise the ante a little here and say “EVERYONE Must Wash Hands”! Come one people- aim high!
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1 comment:

Bob said...

Actually - there is question to whether Peter Sagal is any good.

I think the format of the show is great - the regulars, the topics.

But Peter Sagal just sounds so cocky and obviously makes up his jokes in advance and then presents them in a format tries to pass for witty banter.

If he left, I would not switch the channel when this show comes on.