Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What Sucks…Oliver Perez

I know on the Mets and in baseball in general, you got a pretty decent amount of absolute, total shit-heels but is there anyone who can really challenge Oliver Perez for worst player in the game?

This is a guy for whom the Mets made up injuries at least 2 times this year to get him off the active roster, a guy who refused to go down to the minors to pitch when he proved on an extremely consistent basis that he sucked at pitching. This is a dude widely recognized as the biggest mistake the Mets have made and the Mets HAVE Frankie Rodriguez (arrested for assault in the team’s clubhouse when he beat up his girlfriend’s dad), on their team, as well as Jason Bay (hits .258 with 6 homers after singing epic contract and and Luis Castillo(well, umm, this).

No, Ollie Perez is headed toward rarified “Mets Disgrace” air and last night, he ended the Mets’ season by coming to the mound, hitting a guy and then giving a base on balls to straight dudes to walk in the winning run.

The only question at this point is where he fits in on the list of worst Mets?

1) Vince Coleman (this disgrace once said “I don’t know nuthin about him.” (my spelling of ‘nothing’) when asked about Jackie Robinson, hit a still entering his prime Dwight Gooden with a golf club hurting his arm, and threw firecrackers fans, one who was two years old- worse Met ever.)
2) Bobby Bonilla (was also involved in the above incident, and had a contract with the Mets that was so deferred, the Mets are actually paying him now, even though he’s been out of baseball for years.)
3) Armando Benitez (as closer of the Mets, was mentally defeated by Paul O’Neill in 1999 World Series when Benitez finally walked him in a game the Yanks would go on to win.)
4) Ollie Perez?

You have to put him above Kevin McReyolds, who was horrible and the only person the Mets could get when they needed to trade Vince Coleman, and Ricky Henderson who played cards with Bobby Bonilla in the playoffs when the Mets were fighting against the Braves in an epic battle. Everyone else, kind of doesn’t compare to Perez.

Oliver Perez, worst active baseball player.
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Sully said...

Not to nit pick... but Benitez blew that save against the Yankees in the 2000 World Series not the 1999. The 1999 series was between New York and Atlanta