Monday, October 25, 2010

What Sucks…Halloween For Dogs!

Lookit, Halloween is for kids, gay dudes and chicks who want do the whole “I’m gonna dress like a ridiculous slut” thing once a year. (Really? You're gonna tell your mother you went as Pac Man that year? Shame on you.) It is not for dogs! Look at this poor little bastard- adding insult to injury, whoever did this to him is clearly a racist.

Also, if you’re gonna dress your dog up, shouldn’t it be as a famous dog? Check out how this dog lover dressed their dog as Lassie.

First, real Lassie…

Now, DRESSED as Lassie. Incredible.

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Anonymous said...

While skimming the ads in the Sunday paper, I noticed a lot of retailers now offer Halloween costumes for dogs. In all of the ads, the poor pooches look absolutely miserable.

Invisible Woman said...

yeah the dogs always look sad (or mad), but i had to laugh at that pic of the dog with the 15 minutes and counting antoine dodson costume on