Thursday, October 07, 2010

What Sucks…Christine O’Donnell

Look, the simple fact that you have to put out a political ad that starts off with you saying that you’re not a witch is, while at first pretty awesome, ultimately a pretty good indicator that you are a real shithead.

Secondly, this a-hole, at the end of the ad, says that she is me. (“I’m you.”) Great, I’m a retarded asshole who has issues with people touching their prives? No way dude, I have no issues with people touching their prives other than they should not do it on the subway. She is not me. I have never said I was a witch. Another thing she has done that I have not is say publicly that scientists have put human brains into mice. I wouldn’t even say that high, so thusly, she’s not even me when I smoke weed. Another way she’s not me is that she doesn’t believe in evolution because as she puts it- why haven’t monkeys turned into humans, you know in the last 50 years. The closest I can come to that is that I enjoy and like to see monkeys do things like drive cars, wear hats and play sports like baseball, so again it would hard to argue she’s me.

So, to sum up- Christine O’Donnell- not me, maybe some asshole though. "I'm Christine O'Donnell, and I approve of this message. I'm some asshole." That works much better.
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bestmommy said...

HAHAHA...She's very sucky and extremely scary.

Anonymous said...

She's not me either, but I agree that she sucks.

Mike Marsh said...

Clearly, what Christine O'Donnell needs to do is to dress up in a sexy witch costume. That should defuse the stupid witch comment she initially made by making it something funny (OK, it already is), while simultaneously building a conciliatory bridge to the pro-masturbation community.

Anonymous said...

And why does she say "I approved this message"? She is delivering the GD message - are we to assume that sometimes she might say something she doesn't approve of?