Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Sucks…Charlie Sheen

Yes, sure Charlie Sheen got coked-out of his mind and trashed a hotel room in NY (Congrats Charlie- 15 consecutive scandals involving coke!) but let’s not lose sight of what matters here- and that is no hookers were harmed! I think the guy has finally perfected it- way to go Charlie!

Also, to be honest I think at this point any time any hooker is called on a job she has to assume there’s a chance it will be for Charlie Sheen so that kind of preparation I believe can go a long way as well.

For what it’s worth his publicist says he “reacted badly” to an “unspecified medication”. Yeah, cocaine. Its not that unspecified, dude. The statement can read “Charlie Sheen reacted badly to cocaine.” You can be honest here, we know.

Additionally, I this particular Sheen fuck up comes on the 12th anniversary of someone making the joke where they say, if sentenced, Sheen faces 2 and ½ Years in prison!!!!

All right everyone, we’ve had our fun and just in case Charlie Sheen is a reader- next time you get arrested (and do no jail time) wear a green hat and I’ll know that one is for me!
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Anonymous said...

This is all old news. (sorry) He now has caused his show to cease production and is threatening to sue. He claims the studio owes HIM for all the trouble THEY caused HIM. Hmmmmmm....
He claims to have cured himself of his addictions with his mind and thanks "angels" for helping him raise his children. His publicist quit after a recent appearance that made him look rather strange to say the least.
My opinion? He's in denial and blames everyone else for his problems. He obviously doesn't think he's done anything wrong. He's arrogant, greedy, and thinks we should worship the ground he walks on. Ain't gonna happen.
What needs to happen is he needs to have rug yanked out from underneath him and he needs that shit eating grin slapped clean off his face! He's no better than anyone else and he needs to learn that! Until he's taken down a few pegs he will never change.