Monday, September 27, 2010

What Sucks…The Nets

I hope they get Carmelo Anthony. Not because I’m a fan or anything but because lets look at what has gone down recently…

Last year they lose 70 games and have an all time horrible season. They’re then bought by some “Russian millionaire” (two of the least comforting words when used consecutively in the English language) who is all like- “I vill make ze Nets unt vinner.” Veteran NBA GM Rod Thorn disappears "resigns". And then they get NO interest from Lebron James even with Jay Z making the call. Next thing you know, they’re moved to Newark.

This is how it happens with Russian dudes, isn’t it? Why not just make this year’s slogan- “The 2010 Nets- you saw the 2nd season of the Wire, right?”

New Jersey Nets, 1967-2010.
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