Thursday, September 09, 2010

What Sucks…Quick Hits: TI, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, That Little White Thing/ Base You Get When You Buy A New iPod, Lady Gaga


Taken into custody with his wife on drug charges. I know, shocking…that the arrest had nothing to do with guns!

…The Latest Harry Potter Movie

This is the 7th movie at this point, enough- these kids are getting old- I heard the next one is called “Harry Potter & The Wizard Who Gets Up 3 Times A Night To Pee”!

…That Little White Thing They Give You When You Buy A New iPod

Thanks Apple for going that extra mile and giving me that iUselessPieceofShitPlasticThing when I buy a new iPod.

…Lady Gaga

Wearing a meat bikini? Clearly this is just another example of Lady Gaga trying to get attention…from tigers!
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1 comment:

MMayes said...

Lady Gaga costumes are going to be big this year on Halloween. They're also easy, too. All you have to do is walk around the house, find some random crap and glue/staple it to yourself and, voila, you're Lady Gaga!