Friday, September 17, 2010

What Sucks…People Magazine

Is this the cover of the new People Magazine, because something is making me think that if you pull out a little on this shot….’s an ad for a school that teaches photoshop. And just so you know, folks at People magazine, “Kate Gosselin on the cover, in a bikini” sounds more the solution to the murder in the worst game of Clue played in hell, than anything I would ever want to see, ever.

ALT JOKES FOR THIS PIECE INCLUDE: (Italics indicate funny parts)
What, you trying to change the name of your magazine to "People...You Don't Want To See In A Bikini"?!

Is this for her new show "Kate Plus 8...Airbrushes?!"

Jon Gosselin are you eating your heart out? No? Didn't think so, even for you.
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Invisible Woman said...

hey chris, not trying to promote my blog--just want you to take a look and don't know another way to tell's like a Negro What Sucks (hope that's not racist)