Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Sucks…Lady Gaga

Come on! A meat dress? Look people- I can’t be everywhere at all times, all right? And I’m not asking you to do my job for me but come on- if you’re in Los Angeles at 6PM on a Sunday night and see some wacko wearing a meat dress walk by you, YES it would be perfectly fine to stop that shit by any means necessary!

First Ke$ha is allowed to put a dollar sign – A FUCKING DOLLAR $IGN- in her name and we just let it happen, now this lunatic is allowed to wear a fucking meat suit. (WITH MATCHING MEAT BAG!)

Someone should have said something the second she was asked on the red carpet who she was wearing and replied “Boarshead”!

You people know that Lady Gaga is going to be a popular outfit for women this Halloween, right? Ricky’s is gonna have to add a fridge!

We're gonna lose 50 million “sexy cats” for a bunch of chicks wearing meat? Not even Omar Minaya would make that deal!

Worst of all, the meat dress takes away from all the other fucked up things this mental patient wears. And sadly, she wasn’t the only one wearing one!

By the way, how do we know Lady Gaga meant to wear this thing- maybe she's not this crazy, rebellious artist and perhaps she just really sucks at buying leather!

UPDATE/ CORRECTION: Sorry, LadyGaga WAS the only one at the VMAs wearing a meat dress. (Sorry for the confusion, I was thrown off by Ke$ha’s skin.)
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