Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Sucks…Hey VMA’s, Why Do You Hate Eyes?!

I'm sorry, put this image- a psychopath wearing a meat suit, next to a septuagenarian in a in a mesh body suit that she shouldn’t have worn 20 years ago, right next to that naked Vietnamese girl running from napalm, the Vietnamese dude getting executed on the street and this picture of Meg Ryan as far as all time disturbing images are concerned.

Not sure if the viewership of the VMA’s is continuing its downward trend but if it is, for next year they might want to reconsider putting women old enough to be grandmoms in mesh bodysuits in plain view. Its not the age thing- I get that people are asking for Betty White to be in stuff, they’re just not asking for her to be in a bikini!
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