Monday, September 27, 2010

What Sucks…Funny Web Video: Sully Baseball Video Blog or “Vlog”

Not comfortable using the word “Vlog”, what can I say. Anyway, as a Yankee fan (greatest sports franchise ever) I am naturally inclined to hate the Red Sox and everything about them. Just the mere mention of them - ugh they are the worst!!!!! Act like you've been there before!!!! Makes my skin crawl- HOWEVER, friend of WhatSucksBlog and avid Red Sox fan, Paul Sullivan, whose baseball blog offers great reading for baseball fans who also happen to be insane like he is, threw up a pretty funny video blog and I wish he’d do more.

Check it out. Then bombard his comment section about how Curt Schilling is an insufferable prick. Or cut and paste this in, if you don’t have the time:

“Hey Sully, Curt Schilling is an insufferable prick!”
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