Monday, September 20, 2010

What Sucks…“Doctor” Who Does Designer Vages, Who Also Sexually Harasses His Employees! Perv Watch: Vol. 32

Never good when your gynecologist makes the news.

Holy shit, let’s see, where do we start?

First off, let’s face facts, any dude who becomes a gynecologist is ¾ of the way home in the race to be a perv. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. I mean, sure- it’s a great idea on paper- be a gynecologist- right? Women coming in all the time- you make major coin…well, as any gynecologist will tell you, that’s all fantasy.

I heard that DAY TWO of “gyne school” (that’s what they call it), they tell you the truth. They bring the slide show in and show you EXACTLY what you’ll be doing- they show you the old women- the old vages- the vages that were made in the 1950’s! They show you the boobs you have to “examine”- boobs that have marks where they scrape against BELT BUCKLES! They show you the bodies who will be coming in for care and let me tell you this- sorry to offend but, it all works out like that nude scene in Schindler’s List.

Okay- DAY THREE of gyne school? Drop out day. Every Gynecology school in the country and 2/3rds of those in South America, lose 65 percent of their student body on Day 3. That’s how they separate the pervs from the even bigger, more determined pervs. By the way, you can look ALL of this up. Google “What Sucks” & “Gynecology School” and it should come right up. That’s also why gyne schools make you pay more for orientation week than any other schools, because they know after Day Three, you are likely gone. By the way that 65 percent number accounts for prospective men AND WOMEN students, you want to isolate the men, the number comes out to more like 71 percent in the States, and weirdly 54 percent in South America- I don’t know how but it goes down there, be wary of South American gynecologists.

Now, if you go all the way to gyne school, make it past day two and the slide show, make it past all the tests and studying you have to do, then make it past the internship you have-which are rough, okay – there is no “in house gynecologist on the set of America’s Next Top Model- AND THEN you become someone who wants to perform plastic surgery on vages and call them “DESIGNER VAGINAS”, well then the dye is cast and you my friend, are a perv- and that’s something fucking Israelis and Palestinians can agree upon.

Throw in the fact that this dude here has the good taste to grow a porny mustache, sexually harass his employees, and be Asian, we’re talking huge, gigantic perv, Perv Hall of Fame material.

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