Thursday, September 02, 2010

What Sucks Presents: Just In Case You Thought The Human Race Was In Any Way Redeemable, Vol 3: Woman Throws Puppies Into A River!

Okay, there is video to this here, (I can’t get myself to embed it) but I seriously warn you, it is of a piece-of-human-garbage woman literally throwing defenseless puppies into a creek so that they drown. It is the type of thing that has no irony, no sick-humor quality. It’s shot unimaginatively and the person doing this horrible thing is not drunk or whacked out on drugs or anything- watching this video will ruin your day, so don’t.

The way the woman does it too, with this sickeningly casual attitude is something she should be made to pay for. There’s a YouTube video quality to it, she kind of senses the “craziness” of the whole situation. I really hope she one day runs into a bear or something. I’m not the type of person who is an animal freak either- hell, if these were baby sharks or snakes or scorpions or even Chihuahuas I would have probably posted the video, except her throwing baby sharks into a river wouldn’t be serving the same purpose, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, special place in hell for this lady and for a mankind that would do something to this woman somewhere along the line that would allow for her to think it was okay to do this. I don’t think other animals do this. And if they do, they certainly don’t video tape it.

Too many people on this Earth.

UPDATE: Apparently they think she is from Bosnia, I mean I don't know how but you know, that's right about where all those Hostel movies take place so, you know, good guess.
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Anonymous said...

I'll say this: She's got a good arm.

bizzeebeever said...

Interestingly, that video is both an example of Why Europe Sucks (among other things, they lack the exalted moral fiber that we Americans boast, when it comes to domesticated animals) AND an example of Why Americans Are Pussies. (You let your dogs sleep in your BED? Are you fucking crazy??)

Interesting fact: as recently as 10 years ago (or possibly 100 - I was going to fact-check, but by the time I typed the third 'i' in '', I was like, "fuck it.") people would drown superfluous kittens. Why? Because...y'know...otherwise, they'd just go feral and grow up to be the sort of unprincipled bastards who would eat your chickens in the dark of night. Oh, and steal the breath of your infants. Oh, and consort with the Devil.