Monday, August 30, 2010

What Sucks…This Past Weekend

So, 87 thousand people go to DC to see Glenn Beck speak, and then I have to watch Jewel sing during the “hey, who died this year?” part of the Emmys. Not our best 48 hours as a country.

Also, let me be the zillionth person to ask this re: the Glenn Beck thing that he called “restoring honor”- one of the things I heard bandied around was that he was “reclaiming” the Civil Rights movement? Now, I know that I probably could get an answer to this by doing a little bit of a google search and all but that would mean I would have to spend time googling things about Glenn Beck and there is NO way I am doing that so let me just ask…who are you “reclaiming” the Civil Rights movement from? Minorities? Because, white asshole, if you do that um, aren’t minorities going to have to go and get a whole other Civil Rights movement? The whole point of the thing was that they needed a movement to get equal rights, if you reclaim the movement, which you never “claimed” in the first place…


The Jewel singing during the “In Memoriam” part of the Emmys, just like the Queen Latifah singing during the one at the Oscars has to stop. This is about a body count, not slow fades to a singer. You want to put YoYo Ma there to play the saddest instrument ever, fine but no more singers.

Other Emmy lowlights included…

Gasoline was NOT poured on the Red Carpet prior to the event and therefore making the act of dropping of a match on it at the height of all the arrivals inconsequential. Subsequently there was no giant river of fire engulfing the stars of “The Big Bang Theory”, Jon Cryer and every True Blood cast member save for the dude who played Sobotka on the 2nd year of The Wire (he gets a lifetime pass!). Producers REALLY have to look into this for next year.

Kate Gosselin's appearance in the opening. I understand that the joke was that she couldn’t dance and all and I get it, but the mere image of her going from a human’s eyes to their brain is really, really horrifying and extremely prohibitive to laughing or pleasure of any sort.

Everyone seems to be complaining about January Jones, and what she was wearing. I like to point out what she WASN’T wearing – a Nazi armband and for that I give kudos.

Some highlights…

No Heigl.

No one seemed to puke during an acceptance or a presentation.

They seemed to do a good job keeping Ke$ha out of the whole thing.

They let some people dress like it was a rodeo.
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