Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Sucks…The Reaper

I've had this thing going now for 2 weeks and I can’t wait anymore! I'm calling it!

Last night, today, later this evening, tomorrow, tomorrow night, on Thursday, no way this doesn’t go down till Friday but just in case- on this coming Friday, the Reaper took from us 93 year old celebrity, actress and socialite Zsa-Zsa Gabor.

Ms. Gabor will be remembered for her 8 marriages (7 divorces) and for slapping the face of a Beverly Hills police officer in 1989 when she was pulled of for a traffic violation- an action she then parodied in every Hollywood comedy release for the next 5 years.

Ms. Gabor recently celebrated her 24th wedding anniversary with her latest husband which speaks to how old she is as she can be married 24 years to someone in one lifetime and yet be married 8 times.

Ms Gabor 93 at press time when she dies is the last of the surviving Gabor sisters. Rest, and when you pass, RIP.
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Anonymous said...

Oct 4, 2010 and Zsa Zsa is still hanging in there!

deluca said...

Hey- I've been saying she was dead since before it was trendy!